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Sarjerao Dongare
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Operational System

Before commencing the service with new clients the director operations and Head operations carry out a detailed survey of the site and give a report to include desired strength of security personnel, necessity of watch tower with locations,strengthening of boundary fence, necessity of patrolling path along boundary, searchlight location, advise on tree plantations away from boundary cameras,mechanized gates for scrap locations and suitable parking places for staff and visitors etc. in writing.

Specific recommendations are given after conducting security survey of new site by the Director / manager operation commencement of service. New sites under construction are also given recommendations for patrolling   paths, watch towers, parking places, scrap location, mechanized gates, close circuit cameras and tree plantation to ensure fool proof security system.

  • Our Loyal Security Force supervisor meets the administrative Head daily and gives feedback on previous days occurrences.

  • The Field officer of the Area meets the concerned authority periodically and takes his written comments on specific Performa with signature.

  • The surprise night check is conducted by field officer between 01.00 hrs. to 05.00hrs.

  • The night checker conducts surprise night check on different date on the spot report on our Performa is submitted to be put up to concerned authority next day.

  • The operational Manager / Director / President visit and meet MD once a month for discussions to improve security Environment.

Strengths and Specialties

  • The fully dedicated security staffs including Ex- Servicemen have mobile   connectivity with field officers and above.

  • The site supervisor meets Head HR daily giving report an events of previous day.

  • The field officer meets HR Head regularly to take advice suggestions for improvement in security environment.

  • The field officer and night checker carry out surprise night checks independently and submit their written report ON THE SPOT after visit of each post in the premises.

  • Assistance in investigations for any theft or losses is provided and if required FIR is lodged with police Authorities in liaison with HR Department of clients.

  • Armed guards as deterrents are also recommended and provided at site where troubles from locals / robbers are evident.

  • Unlike some well-known security agencies we do not allow union activities among our security personnel.